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Florida International UniversityI'm glad I went to FIU, particularly because the price is relatively manageable, especially since I lived in the area with family anyways. nnOne of my biggest frustrations as a student was the lack of good study spots in the library, especially finding a spot near an electrical outlet! During midterms & finals it was nearly impossible. They should add tables that have the outlet built into them. Also, extended library hours would have been nice. I know some college libraries are 24/7 but FIU's isn't. They are open around the clock only the week of finals week, not even the week before finals! This actually encourages cramming, in a sense. Also, only a few of the floors are quiet floors (and sometimes people wouldn't obey the rules & would talk anyways).nnIn terms of professors, I had some great ones and a few not so great ones. I recommend using ratemyprofessors to guide which classes to choose. The advisors were not very well-versed or helpful so supplement advisor with your own research. nnLike the other reviewer, I was a member of the Honors College. I recommend applying for that, especially since you get priority registration. This is crucial, classes fill up quickly. Some classes don't have a lot of sections offered so registration problems could actually delay graduation. nnIf you are not involved with Greek life you may not form a strong social circle, since it is a commuter school and people tend to show up for classes then leave quite soon after. This is unlike typical "college towns." I didn't mind this, and Miami is a fun city anyway.nnFood choices are vast (lots of rice bowl places, chic fil a, sushi, crepes, taco bell, panda express, several starbucks, etc). You can use the tapingo app to order & pay ahead to reduce time waiting in line. nnParking is the most frustrating issue for most people. I don't recommend arriving between about 11 am - 2 pm, parking will be limited. Give yourself PLENTY of extra time the first day of school in order to get an idea of how busy it is. 20-8-19 05:20 PM